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smallcloud smallcloud

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Smallcloud Bust dust with unique dusting heads and a telescoping pole!

The Microfibers are super-absorbent and absorb 8 times their weight in water.It is great for you to clean your car, auto and also can be used for daily household chores like cleaning window blinds, ceiling fans, bookshelves, etc.The microfiber duster picks up dirt, dust, and hair like a magnet.The material of the head is a microfiber and the pole is made from stainless steel, hard to break, and long service life.Microfibers become electrostatically charged with use, thus attracting more dust. Get rid of dust, pollen, animal hairs and all bad particles that can affect your health in a bad way.This microfiber duster head is easy to keep clean. Duster’s head is detachable, simply slide the microfiber top off the duster core and hand wash with warm or low heat water

standard sizestandard size

hand and machine washinghand and machine washing

ac cleaning brushac cleaning brush

Microfiber Duster Head

The microfiber head holds on to the dust instead of spreading it around.Duster Size : 23 inchLong Rod Size: 58 inch

Washable Dusting Brush.

Flexible, the head is great for car, window blinds, ceiling fans, crown molding, bookshelves.Long Plastic Handle Allows You To Reach Hard-To-Reach Corners, It Is Soft, Super-Absorbent and Quick Drying Duster.


The microfiber head can be easily cleaned with a machine wash.

perfect cleanperfect clean

window cleaningwindow cleaning

dust to powerdust to power

smooth brushsmooth brush

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