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Product Description

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Metal Gold Lid Jars

For Mason jar meal. This creative idea would be great for a picnic

Spice Glass Jars

For Making/storing. This healthful, fermented drink can also be flavored.

Grocery Grain Jars

For Dried vegetables from garden. Not only is it practical, but dehydrated summer produce looks beautiful in jars.




Airtight Seal

The stainless steel buckle is adaptable , it is simple sufficient to open and near. The hermetically sealed silicon seal is thick not at all like most glass bricklayer jars,improves its leak-proof performance.

Easy Access

Joy in a jar, no struggle involved. The wide opening allows you to reach inside for easy access and refill. Hinged lid swings open and shut without you having to fight it.


Glass jars have an elegant design and the transparent glass can clearly distinguish what is inside whether the items in the jars can are deteriorated.


Waterproof Glass Canister Set with tops is exceptionally simple to clean. Expel gaskets and utilize cleanser and water to wash it. Introduce the cover once more for reuse.


Get your home or office neat and organized with the help of these pantry containers. They’re great for storing items like cookies, flour, sugar, dog treats, herbs, oats, snacks, coffee, pasta, spices, tea, and so much more.

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We are Bengali Couple Tanmay and Priti . We made The Primay . Here we share urs fav Kitchen Appliances | Kitchen & Housewares amazon deals. "Cooking Excellence, Unveiled: Your Kitchen Journey with The Primay"

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