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Product Description


Bright Annealed CopperBright Annealed Copper

Unadulterated PVCUnadulterated PVC

RoHS & Reach CompliantRoHS & Reach Compliant

Superior Oxygen IndexSuperior Oxygen Index

Bright Annealed Copper

Special heat treatment of the copper carried out during the manufacturing of polycab wires makes them highly conductive, flexible and gives them their bright copper color that does not turn black from oxidation as quickly as un-annealed wires.

Unadulterated PVC

Color pigments used in wire construction can alter the properties of the insulation making it weaker. Polycab wires have a two-layer construction with a separate color coded skin layer that ensures the integrity of the insulation.

RoHS & Reach Compliant

Internationally recognized EU-regulations aim to reduce & restrict the use of substances that are harmful to humans & the environment. Polycab wires are designed to conform to these stringent norms ensuring a safer home & planet.

Superior Oxygen Index

The oxygen index defines the minimum percentage of oxygen in which the material will burn. Air contains approximately 21% oxygen and hence Polycab wires with an oxygen index of 29% ensure your safety.

Flamestop TechnologyFlamestop Technology

AntI Rodent & Anti-TermiteAntI Rodent & Anti-Termite

Lead FreeLead Free

High Abrasion ResistanceHigh Abrasion Resistance

Flamestop Technology

Wires coated with ordinary PVC are extremely dangerous during a fire since they can propagate a flame. Polycab wires are flame retardant, they resist burning & stop the spread of flames.

AntI Rodent & Anti-Termite

Polycab wires have a special formulation that deters termites and rodents from chewing the

surface. This lowers the risk of damaged wires & short circuits.

Lead Free

Lead is an extremely hazardous substance and an active carcinogen that is dangerous to human lives. Lead can also leech into the

environment polluting natural habitats. Polycab wires are made with a lead-free formulation for your safety.

High Abrasion Resistance

The use of advanced raw materials and a computerized manufacturing process results in an insulation with a smooth finish that resists scratches and tearing of the protective insulation layer

Energy Effecient High Grade CopperEnergy Effecient High Grade Copper

Smooth SurfaceSmooth Surface

Energy Effecient High Grade Copper

The use of high purity 99.97% electrolytic grade copper in Polycab wires deliver better performance and a longer operational life.

Polycab wires are made using advanced process that give the surface a smooth glossy finish. This enables easy conduit installation for household wiring

HIGH QUALITY INSULATION: The conductors possess high quality insulation that makes sure the maximum protection. Moreover, these wires are safe from termite or rodent attack as well as resistance to corrosion.
SERVES MULTIPLE PURPOSES: This windproof and waterproof wire can be easily used for many tasks. You can efficiently use these long wires for indoor lighting, electronic device wiring and also to connect a LED strip or other lighting connections.
EASY TO USE: The offered electric wires are easy to peel, solder and cut that allow you to use them easily. Excellent electrical conductivity, easy and safe operation makes our wires the perfect cables for diverse usage.

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