Price: ₹999 - ₹299.00
(as of Aug 24, 2023 23:34:11 UTC – Details)

Product Description


Under Appliance Duster Easier Dusting and Cleaner Home







Extendable Pole

Our dust brush includes an extendable handle, can be extended from 26 to 55 inch, You can adjust it according to your needs and do the cleaning without extra ladders or brooms.

Slim Designed Head

The flat head is quite slim only 0.1 inch thick without cover and 0.4 inch thick with the microfiber sleeve covered. The threaded connection part is round and its’ diameter is 0.7 inch, So it can get in about 15.5 inch max when the tight space’s width or height is under 0.7 inch.

For those extremely narrow spaces (between 0.15 inch to 0.4 inch ), you can just use the flat brush head without the cover. it can still do part of the cleaning job. For spaces higher then 0.7 inch, you can fully put the flat head deep in about 55 inch at most.

Electric Dust Collector

The sleeve on the duster head are made of small microfibers, making it electrostatic charged when used dry.It’s excellent to attract dust and hair, being as a wonderful electric dust collector in narrow spaces.


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