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Klara Highline - Murphy RedKlara Highline - Murphy Red

Take your cooking game from amateur to professional, thanks to the results of the HIGHLINE Series Kitchen Machines !

Dough Kneading FunctionDough Kneading Function

Meat Mincing FunctionMeat Mincing Function

Beater FunctionBeater Function

Dough Kneading Function

The precise kneading movement results in soft doughs (which are similar to hand-kneaded doughs) for fluffy breads or soft chapattis. Whipping

Meat Mincing Function

Enjoy the benefits of the heavy duty metal mincer for precise meat mincing.

Beater Function

The precise configuration of the beater helps mix batters at a constant speed and at a regular pace thereby providing a homogeneous texture; highly desired for dosa or steamed cake batters.

Vegetable Slicing, Chopping, Grating And Mashing FunctionVegetable Slicing, Chopping, Grating And Mashing Function

Whipping / Whisker FunctionWhipping / Whisker Function

Mixer and Grinder FunctionMixer and Grinder Function

Vegetable Slicing, Chopping, Grating And Mashing Function

The various blade configurations provide flexibility in chopping vegetables in even shapes and sizes (unlike hand-chopped vegetables which may be uneven) and that too in a fraction of the time you would have spent doing the same.

Whipping / Whisker Function

The planetary movement allows consistent whisking results that are professional even for a large portion of servings. It is Ideal for whipping egg whites or cream which are often used in cakes and desserts.

Mixer and Grinder Function

As a unique feature the Kitchen Machine also doubles up as a mixer, giving you all required functions in one machine. Use the wet mixer to quickly blend that ideal smoothie, shake or puree or use the small dry grinder to grind spices, pulverize sugar, shred coconut and much more!

Unclutter your kitchenUnclutter your kitchen

Preparing a perfect meal does not always entail clutter.

Unclutter your kitchen with Hafele Klara Highline Kitchen Machines

How is the Hafele Highline Series better than any other food processor?

Powerful Aluminium Die-cast Body for heavy duty performance and stability even when used at high speedHigh speed glass blender of 1.5 L capacity for your puree, smoothie, sauce making requirements5.5 L large capacity stainless steel bowl to prepare small to big batches of food without any hassleLED Display to gauge the elapsed or running time of the machine. Helps you in mixing/blending for just the right amount of timeMultiple speed options to achieve varied levels of textures and fluffiness of your mixed/blended foodSpecialty attachments for different kinds of mixing and blending to provide the desired outputMulti-functional machine with in-built 8+ functions for every kind of cooking needTactical touch control for easy one touch operation of the machinePlanetary motion with 60 touch-points to ensure that the mixing attachments rotate efficiently around the bowl providing thorough mixing without manual interventionInbuilt timer to allow the machine to work without supervision (for up to 20 min.) while you can move on to other tasks in the kitchen

Attachments include Whisking ballon, Dough Kneading, Blending
Vegetable cutter with 4 functional blades for slicing, grating, shredding and mashing
Full Die cast Body with clean lines and ergonomic design with locking and control panel on one side
200ML glass jar for spice grinding and chutney making. Chutney / Spice is used in all Indian Kitchen households. The small jar can be used for small qty grinding or chutney making.

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