Price: ₹999 - ₹299.00
(as of Aug 29, 2023 00:34:04 UTC – Details)

From the brand

glass jarglass jar

100 ml Mini Mason Jars .

Dishware safe makes them so easy to clean up, or you can wash them with water and soaps, hassle free.


Perfect for baby foods, jam, yogurt, honey, candles,wedding favors, body butters, and DIY magnetic spice


Beat for

deal for storing food items such as honey, jams, pickles, chocolates etc.

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Suitable To Use Multipurpose

Storage With Airtight Cap, This Jar Can Also Storage Food Grade Jar and Cap Both, Very Useful To Replace Your Plastic Masala Jars.


Use it for dessert, spices or sauce, you can also store smaller items.


Tight Seal

Ensure a quality seal with each lid. Beautiful and Practical, let your kitchen full of fresh sense of literature and art, retro sense, keep fresh for longer


Tight Seal. metal lid.

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