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Why buy from Borosil?

Our glass is a class apart

Borosil was the first to introduce borosilicate glassware in India (that’s why we are called Borosil!).Our legacy, experience and expertise translates into the products we create – elegant, strong, durable and timeless.

We supply laboratory glass to all major pharmaceutical companies and research labs, and it is the same quality of glass that we bring to your kitchen. We never compromise on quality, so you can be sure that when you buy Borosil, you are bringing home the safest, most non-toxic, high performance glass in the world!

Available in 6 sizes to suit all your serving and storing needs Extremely durable and scratch-resistant glass. Extreme temperature resistant, up to -20°C in the freezer to 350°C in the oven Microwave & freezer safe. Remains new year after year Does not absorb stains or odour. Easy to clean, dishwasher safe.




Reheat your snacks in the microwave to restore the crunch factor, or zap the moisture contents of your salt/ coffee powder

Use the jars to freeze your masalas, soups, curry bases, etc.

Our glass is scratch resistant, so it will look as good as new even after years of usage, unlike other glass which scratches easily or plastic which turns cloudy.



AIR-TIGHT, STAINLESS STEEL LIDS – The glass jar or storage container comes with an air-tight, stainless steel lid that keeps your food fresh, always. No moisture gets in so your food does not spoil nor do the dry spices get crumbly. All the good stays in, the bad stays out
IDEAL FOR STORING SPICES, JAMS, BABY FOOD, KITCHEN ITEMS – Unlike plastic jars, glass jars do not leech chemicals. Borosilicate jars also do not absorb stains or smells, making them perfect for storing pickles, jams, baby-food and other items
MICROWAVE & FREEZER SAFE – Our borosilicate glass storage jar can be used for reheating/freshening snacks in the microwave & bringing back the crunchiness of your favourite munchies. It can also be used to freeze purees, chutneys, masalas and baby foods
EASY TO CLEAN, STERILIZABLE FOR 100% SAFETY – The large mouth make it easy to clean the storage jar. The storage containers are also dishwasher safe. They can be sterilized by dry heating the container in the microwave for 1 minute at the highest temperature setting. This makes it a great choice for storing baby foods
Item shape: Round

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