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Product Description

Vacuum sealer machine Spend less time in the kitchen


Vacuum Sealer by ARCANINE

You can purchase more food at one time, and then store the excess part to prevent it from air and refrigerator freezingThe time to lock food in freshness is 5 times longer than a normal zipper storage bags or containers, making cooking and preparing meals easier.More economical and faster, it is especially suitable for people with busy lives in modern times.It takes 8-20 seconds to get it fully sealed depending on types of food and volume of food

Provide the best preservation for food according to the different types of food





Features 1:”Moist Vacuum”

Use for Wet, oily, steak, washed vegetables, fruits and bread.

Features 2:”Normal Vacuum”

Used for Dry food and Crispy food. Like Nut, Cookies.

Features 3:”Seal Only ”

Single sealing function; when sealing, the blue light will be on.

Features 4:”Canister only”

Used for external boxes, jars, and etc.




Dry and Moist FoodFridge Space SaverConvenient to StoreSmart Meal Preparation

Perfect for vacuuming any meat, fish, fruit and vegetable. Not only for food preservation but also for sous vide cooking.

It helps to prevent vitamin or nutrients from losing and remain vegetable color intensive.

This Food Preservation System is the sensible way to save money and eliminate food waste.

Package Included Food Vacuum Sealer*1 User Manual *1


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